Back in the Saddle...Again!

Sorry dudes - this one is more for the ladies...don't say I didn't warn ya!

So...while taking a hiatus from writing - I also took a small hiatus from dating. It was anything done with consciousness...it was more...well...I had no prospects! (Did I just announce that to goodnessknowshowmanymillions?! Yes I did. I am woman...hear me roar...Ahem...Ahem...pardon, I had a little schpilkus-in-my-ganecktagazoink! ROAR! OK - much better.

So - I figure since we are at the half year mark, I would show you the great social leaps and bounds I have made in choosing men wisely...thank goodness this year (#28) comes to a conclusion in the next week! And now - the recap you all have been waiting for...

January...meet a comedian - lovely guy - but there is something missing, and I think he felt the same way since he let me slip through his fingers so easily.

February...met cheapman...um, I don't think I need to say ANY more. Topped off with a cherry of a trainer who never seems to follow through...and I still get a bit starry eyed when I see him - what is my problem!!!

March...Flirtation with co-worker evolves outside the office...there is intrigue...fun...attraction...connection...and then I get silence and shut out. Did I mention that this only occured when convenient?? YUCK.

April...hiatus with little spats of reoccuring office love.

May...office love over. Hiatus officially has begun.

June...blind date that went surprisingly well. Could I been on a new route?!?!

Man - city gals have perks - but some of this crap just ain't worth dealing with!


Blogger allison said...

"but some of this crap just ain't worth dealing with!"

I would like to throw in a woowoo! amen go girl mmhmm praise jesus, okaaay?

10:54 AM  
Anonymous whip said...

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