Crap - has it really been a month!?

Life has been very interesting lately.

Work is great. Work is hard. It finally seems like the past 10 months+ where I dealt with crap in the workplace are finally paying off. Of course, now that this is somewhat of a “settled” area in my life – there are other areas of “crap” to which I must attend.

I am back in the swing of dating…and of course, trying to balance a social life AND the exhausting days of work. A challenge I am happy to take on…at least I think so!

Recently, I met a gent…truly…but now I am trying to figure out – have I gotten so comfortable with those who play with me, that I am scared to “play” with the men who are sincere??! Am I relationship-ready? Can I truly take it on with a new job? OR…if I was truly into the gent – would I even be asking these questions?

It is amazing – we think we have it all figured out…and then…we get hit with an experience that leads us to questioning all of it!

The only answer I have that seems fair AND that I would share with any friend who came to me with the dilemma would be:

Give it three dates and see how you feel.
If you still aren’t convinced, then you need to put your cards on the table – because it isn’t fair to play with someone’s feelings.

Those are the only answers I have.

AND…I must begin to write about other things on here than guy-issues. SO…pipe up readers…any topics you would like me to write about?? Trust me to give you any advice – if anything, I promise to start sharing some funny stories!


Blogger SirTalksALot said...

A day in the life of Jen would be fun... like where you ate lunch or dinner, just an everyday glimpse of what you deal with your commute (stinky people, rude people), walking, umbrella's flipping inside out. Stuff like that would be cool, even if it's not funny. But funny would be awesome!

12:58 PM  
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