I've gotta crow: To the year of the Rooster!

Happy New Year All!!

It’s the year of the rooster – not sure what that means, but Cockadooooodledoooo!

As I age, like a fine wine, I have come to some more serious resolutions…some spurred on by recent events that brought up some things I need to work on. I figure the best way to make sure I start to make these resolutions come true, outside of promising them to myself, I have decided to share them with you!

1. USE MY VOICE BETTER…AND SPEAK UP! I have realized that while I can easily express myself to my friends and family, I seem to have a hard time doing this with strangers. One would think it might be the opposite! But, recent events have proved me wrong in the last couple of weeks as we have gone through holiday madness! By doing this, I know I can subside reoccurring anxiety and discomfort.

2. REACH AND CREATE MY DREAMS BOTH OLD AND NEW…I have always had something that I want to try or achieve. For example, one was the world of Voiceovers. While I didn’t get as far as creating a demo in 2004, I did get to dip my foot in the water…and realized, I really enjoyed it – and plan to do my best to get back involved with that world this year…should finances allow. In the last 5 months, in the world of unemployment and a plethora of options, I have found myself feeling rather directionless (where did North go??), and sadly, dream-less. My most recent “world” has been more about gaining financial stability with a “full time” job, and with that, I have had to consider putting certain goals to the side so that I can take care of the rent, school loans, etc. SO, while I get back to work, it is equally as important, for me to create some dreams, whether revisited or new.

In Bridget Jones’ style…

3. Stay away from fuckwits, perverts, meanies, the flirty trainer, and others who do not treat those and you would treat them – with respect, honesty, caring, follow-through and loyalty.

While it is difficult to avoid, nobody dares to intro themselves as “hello, my name is dan, I am a fuckwit who is completely non-committal – would you like to have dinner with me?!” hahaha…I am sure at some point or another we have all been there...and this is forgiveable. I just have had my share in 2004, and am looking to call curtains sooner than I have done so in the past.

We have all had our moments...and I truly believe, that even those who have had their moments as a jerk, pervert or worse, deep down – are not inclined to act this way 24/7/365…but, in this resolution, I am going to do my best to identify these characters soon, use my voice and abort much sooner, rather than later!

Lastly, I want to share this very, very wonderful quote a friend of mine reminded me of:

You cannot control the WINDS,
But, you can ADJUST your sails!
A wonderful start to the New Year for you all!