A High School Moment...

From the moment we become responsible for our social interactions - we learn about what situations we would categorize as "embarrising" or "triumphant" or "happy"...so, with that statement - I just had an experienced that I could only describe as something I would only expect to happen in my school years...although, I guess I shouldn't be toooo surprised as I work in a company which does focus on children (and employs them too!).

We sit in an entirely open office - there are walls that create cubes, but they do not reach up to the ceiling - so, in truth, there really are no "private discussions" occuring here. Everyone has the opportunity to hear everything if they have the time or desire to listen.

So, the loudest person in our office, who is the closest thing to an HR function just pulled me aside "privately" to tell me that I needed to "quiet down" when I am on my cell phone because "someone" was freaking out. (I was literally on my phone for 1 minute.) So, this person admits to being an offender of this too and names off other offenders. I can completely take responsibility for my noise - and do not mind being reminded about voice level...but, I did resent feeling completely lowered to the size of a peon because she "scolded" me loudly enough that the whole office heard. Lovely.

So...I walked the walk of shame back to my desk. Got smirks and smiles from various colleagues...and had to then listen to her babble off on her phone.

That's what I call leadership by example.