I disappeared...for too long!

Sorry to have disappeared for so long...I guess I just felt with so much going on - I needed some time to just think - and not necessarily put it all on a page.

It is now 7 months since my mom passed...yes...time is still somewhat recounted by this life changing event. And I am sure - that even as good things happen, I will still for the next bit of time look at how long and quick this whole surreal event feels.

Good friends of mine growing up, lost their mother, Laura, this week. Her passing was due to a long term illness that she had been fighting for about 3 years. I hadn't seen this family since I was 14 years old...and of course - this certainly was a crap reason for a reunion - but I am glad it brought us back together...and hope that this wasn't a brief encounter - but one that keeps us in touch.

When I saw my childhood friends, it was the oddest thing to have these memories of standstill agelessness...it was wild! I was still 14 to them - and they were still 12 and 15 to me...until, that disappeared and I saw these great adults before me.

I got to do some great reminiscing - which felt good. Here is a fun one...hopefully to make you laugh...my last time seeing these family friends was New Year 1991. There were three families - each with two children. I was in the "older" group and I had the company of 2 young men. Years before 1991 - it wasn't cool to hang with the girl...but now that we were all in high school - things oh-how-were-they-a-changing! The parents all let us stay up this evening and sleep in the same room. So, the oldest set up their sleeping bags around the television and we planned for a night of videos. So, set up in my bag next to my childhood friend and probably first crush, he would scoot towards me...and not sure of what to do...I scooted over some more to keep my space - until if I scooted any more I would push one of the sleeping younger kiddies. So - where is the third older kid? I didn't think much of it - until I started to see a face leaning into mine...is this how my first kiss will happen? I always liked him...but still...is this it...didn't matter what I thought because in nano-seconds, the third oldest jumps out from goodness knows where and farts on number 2s head...sending him to the bathroom very pissed off...

AND believe me - I shared that story...even though we were sitting shiva! I can say, that even though it feels like yesterday since my mom left this world - I have had some remarkable events occur...

Work is awesome. A friend of mine had her first child. My brother got engaged. I have wonderful friends and family - old and new.

I can't complain.